Twin flames reuniun physical symptoms – intense body energy before meeting your twin flame or soulmate

Before meeting my twin flame its been crazy. My body was like nothing I knew before.
Here are my symptoms.

On the day I met my twin flame for the first time, I felt intense energies, with strong jumps from highs to lows, it was like my body knew that I’m about to meet my twinflame.

It was a full moon in Libra energies on April 11th, 2017, and I’m very sensitive to energetic shifts so I remember that I felt frustration and even cried half of the day and all of the sudden I became happy and full of joy.

I remember feeling the restless, strong and fast heartbeat, no appetite, and like a mix of energies in my body, which was excited towards reuniting with my twin flame for the first time.

Once we start touching each other, it’s like all this intense energy could go out and explode and after the explosion, I felt like I found what I’ve been looking for all of my life.


Meeting my twin flame for the second and third time

On the next times before meeting him, it felt the same.

Both of us couldn’t sleep the night before, we were restless, we had no appetite and all of a sudden crazy craving for meat.

It’s an intense energy that runs inside your body, and you can relax once holding each other and hugging, breathing deep and let your soul reunite with your other half.

And then you feel so peaceful like coming home and the world stops.

It’s a divine connection and before meeting your twin flame, you can feel all of your chakras opening up, receiving, sensitivity, you are irritated from anything, and you just need to be left alone and to find your center.

I remember trying to work on the days we met each other, it was impossible!

Also, when we were in separation period, we had dreams about each other, and that what made him come back after running and being afraid.

So, if you feeling these things, just take a step back, take some rest of just meditate or take a walk in the park to help yourself relax and wait for amazing things to happen.

It felt like animals know when an earthquake is about to happen – your body knows, just listen to it and to the messages that the universe is sending to you.


Twin Flames sexuality distance – Twin flames intimacy

When two twin flames meet each other, a sacred union is happening.

Two parts of one soul, are reuniting,
and that creates sparks and big massive energy connection in many dimensions and levels.

This is the reason why intimacy and sexuality between twinflames,
is one of the most talks about things when it comes to twin flames relationship.

Twin flames are being created, when the soul is being sent to the physical 3rd dimension.
The soul splits into 2 parts so that each part can ascend and grow and learn its lessons on earth.

Once the souls have reached the right time and process of evolvement, they will meet on earth in a meeting that will change their life forever.

A twin flame encounter is like meeting your other half,
and prior to this meeting,
you will get signs from the universe and new ideas will come to your mind,
regarding love, and emotional connection.

So, when twin flame souls connect and reunite after year, decades or few past lives, for the very first time in their life they feel complete.

They feel that they’re searching for the right partner has come to an end, and that they have reach home.

 Twin Flames sexuality distance – Twin flames intimacy – how it feels

I can share that when I’ve had intimacy with my partner since I’m quite a spiritual person,
and very connected to energies, I saw a vortex that unites our souls together,
and both of us felt like we’re about to explode, and this was very intense energy.

This energy also left us charged with a crazy never-ending passion for each other,
and my partner which usually can have sex once a day found himself awake for me,
and had 5-6 times of sex every day with me!

This twinflames sexuality will your body energy regenerate, Your kundalini awake and alive,
and it’s been one of the most amazing sexual experiences I had.

It’s like you and your twin flame are synced at all levels and you can’t get enough of each other.
Your chakras are awakened and sync with your partner’s chakra.
and if you are sensitive enough, you can feel this chakra’s connection,
and it’s so deep and strong in a way you can’t ignore it.

Your ego will disappear in a twin flames connection

Once there’s twinflames connection, there’s no ego, boundaries, fear or games.

You can feel safe to let the real you to go outside and meet the other person,
and so does he.

This is what makes the whole difference between twinflames connection and soulmates or regular connection.

So, if you found your twin flame, you are so lucky, because this union is quite rare,
and not all people on earth in this era get to have this.

Enjoy it while it lasts, appreciate the other person and the blessing he has brought into your life.

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Twin flames Telepathy Thinking Of Each Other After Separation telepathy with your twin flame

Me and my twin flame have been separated for a while.

He told me that he wants to move on and that he wants to try what he has with this other woman.

My belief is that when we need to meet each other –  we gonna
meet each other and there’s nothing I can do about it.
I just need to let it go, and it’s after there’s probably
some issues they need to solve.

He told me that he’s not available to meet and to see me, so I have decided that I should move on with my life.

I’m trying to keep me busy at work, with my house, my family and everything.

Twin flames Telepathy Thinking Of Each Other After Separation telepathy with your twin flame

Today I want to talk to you about Twin Flames telepathy.
I woke up on Saturday morning and he was in my mind like I felt him.
Even right now when I’m thinking about him I can just remember how I’m lying next to him,  putting my head on his chest and it feels so real.

It’s like I can feel his energy like he’s near me.
Being with these emotions, I kept myself from texting or calling him
all this week.
I felt him very strong and on the lunar eclipse that we had on
January 31st, I knew that I should be letting him do his work and to have
the path that he needs to go through, in order for him to have a change.

I have found myself keep chasing and I know that nothing’s gonna happen
for me.
So for my own good, so I should just move on with my life.

I spent the day with friends on Saturday morning and with my family, and I was thinking about him so hard all the morning and it’s really crazy that all of a sudden around 10 am, a text message appears on my phone – “How are you? How you doing? are you feeling okay?”
I was shocked – I didn’t rush into answering, so I answer
him later and told him that everything is okay and that I’m hanging out with friends.

During the day we exchange some messages, but nothing was too much, but he said he was thinking of me all morning and I could feel that.

Today this morning I just woke up and I could feel him thinking about me and I
even dreamt about him last night because I felt his presence when I woke up and it happens to me quite a lot.

So if you got your tweenflame, you can just think of him and you don’t have to be together next to them.
Some people say that you just need to talk to them like their next to you so that’s what I’m doing.
I’m talking to him and sending him a lot of love , light and energy and I know he
can sense it, and I know that when he’s talking to me it’s like everything is
the same between us, like we were still together.
It doesn’t matter what we say to get on now.

We will love each other unconditional love.

It’s really amazing to think of each other, and I can tell you about many times before when I was thinking about him and then he texted me and I think it’s the only way I can check it – by not texting to him and thinking about him and then he’s texting to me or calling.

I know  it’s a really nice thing, all these stuff you can have in your twin flame
connection, because you can feel each other.

When we are together and we’re talking, it’s like we complete each other
sentences and it’s like I’m feeling him as a part of me.

I know how he’s feeling right now and I’m not sure that he has it on
the same level like me, because I’m quite more spiritual.
Though, it’s a nice thing to know that there’s someone out there
in another place, and  he can feel you.

I really hope to see him again,
and for now we are  in some sort of separation but it doesn’t feel like separation since I can feel him so badly and I’m just waiting to see what’s gonna happen next and give the universe the chance to do his thing and I really hope it will get me back to him.

While I was thinking about all this thing, I know that I need to solve some things with myself.
It’s like some issues from my past with my ex that came up to the surface and today I realized that I need to close everything in order to move on.

There’s a part of me that thinks that I might never love again the way I love him, and that I’ll never feel loved like he makes me feel, but writing these lines now, I know that this separation was exactly what I needed and that this man, wasn’t my true twin flame, he was just a soulmate.
3 months later after uploading this video I have met the one that I think is my true twin flame.

And still, with soulmates and twinflames, there’s a lot of telepathy going on, and you can share your thoughts and emotions, just be open to that.